Sides of a Gemini...

Nature lover, day dreamer, music crusader, episodic poem writer, and (inner) peace seeker

Flume - Holdin’ On

"Don’t try to be coherent all the time; discover the joy of being a surprise to yourself. Being coherent is having always to wear a tie that matches your socks. It means being obliged to keep tomorrow the same opinions you have today.
What about the world, which is always in movement? As long as it doesn’t harm anyone, change your opinion now and again, and contradict yourself without feeling ashamed – you have a right to that.”  

Paulo Coehlo

Macy Gray - Caligula

Life of a leaf

Life of a leaf

Well aren’t you magnificent?

“Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.”

Mixed, shaken, and stirred
First taste rich
Second taste burns
I love the flavor I hate
I’m mixed, mistaken, obscured

Alina Simone - Half My Kingdom

The Heavy - Coleen

Nightmare on Wax - Finer

Monkey Mind

Dear monkey
Stop pulling at this thread
My mind is unraveling
Lost Peace pronounced dead

The harmony I felt
Now only skips beats
I’ve lost all my rhythm
Life is a restless sleep

Dear monkey
You’ve done enough
You’ve abolished sanctity
I’ve nothing left inside
I’ve nothing left to breathe

You can go about your way
For my love has frayed
You’ve done your job
Divinity’s been misplaced